Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EverythingForTheNetFree or Everything For The Net Free

Being sound and entrenched in computer software and Internet technologies, I did research into creating online business for the masses. This eventually reduced to the level of being able to get a viable and reliable business website into the hands of the average working class.

After much painstaking scouring of the Internet, I decided the only way to do that was to be able to get the site free from the ground up. Everything free to establish an Internet presence for a business, including software to carry that business 100% on the Internet so it could be operated from anywhere at anytime. I was successful in putting this concept together.

My desire is to offer it to the general public and help them to do it no matter their development level. Just go to the site below to be successful on the internet, marketing included.

Richard E. Byrd

Your free personal IT Department

Spiderweb Marketing System

The Spiderweb Marketing System is an automated marketing system that has characteristics of being infinite and viral (viral marketing is a relatively recent form of marketing). The system itself leverages some of today's state of the art Internet technologies, but participating in the system itself has a tendency to pull you into up sells for monthly charges. Therefore if you wish to explore the system for knowledge it is a good thing to examine. I am not putting a link here because the tendency to put in my affiliate link is too great and this post is not for selling something. I am not actively participating in this system.

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The Automated Internet Marketing Advice Blog

This is an Internet Marketing Advice Blog, I post articles and info about how to be more successful with your internet marketing efforts and Internet business.

The realities of making money on the Internet.

Richard E. Byrd

Your personal IT Department

To begin, there is a new wave of marketing going on in this day and age. In my properties, you will find there has been a drastic change in the way internet marketers are doing their work. In summary, it is all based on service. Service for the ones trying to market and service presentation for the prospects.

Automated marketing systems are coming to the forefront of Internet Marketing Technology. To begin the journey of learning about this amazing technology, look into my properties I have listed here to see the foundational aspects. The most prominent thing you will notice is that everything fundamental is being given away for free.

A few of my properties:
REB Internet Business Information Site